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22 Jun

Here I am.

Okay, still not really here. But I am peeking my head out of the woodwork to share some news.

On top of my full-time job here and my part-time job at the office that remains nameless and faceless, I have started a third endeavor here.

I am so excited about the possibility of launching my own little business. I know the competition is fierce (anyone seen how many bags there are for sale on etsy??!) but I hope I can carve out my own little niche. Check out Flickr to see what I have been up to lately as well.

So, will I ever post regularly again?  I hope so because I want to document this journey and continue to read up with and share in what all you all have been up too.

If you are still out there, thanks for sticking with me. It will be worth the wait.