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Challenge coming…

25 Aug

It is two days before a DB challenge release and my *sigh* monthly blog post. I so wish I had more time for this stuff…

However, this month I may not even make it to finishing the challenge. My first real opportunity would be Saturday, so maybe there will be a surprise late post.

Why am I so busy I can’t even bake you ask?!?!

Because I am in the process of leaving the corporate world behind. For the last month I have been moonlighting as, well, a baker!!! Yes, that’s right people I am headed back to the kitchen, and I am so excited!!!! The transition (and loss of corporate stability and benefits) is daunting but the rewards…oh the rewards. I LOVE the change, I am excited for the challenge, I am ready to move on.

So for now I guess I’ll be baking every, single, day. But I promise the DB challenge will not lose out in this. I hope to rededicate my efforts to this blog and revamp, expand, and refocus to create a platform for my baking excursions and start the honest road to my final destination…. MY OWN BAKERY!

Hang on people this is going to be one hell of an awesome ride!!!!!!!!!