Welcome Baby S

22 Jul

My dear, dear friends – P & J – welcomed their baby girl into the world on Friday July 17.

She is too cute and looks just like her mum and dad – a perfect blend of a lovely couple. What an adorable family they make.

I have been working on this little gift for a while but couldn’t finish it until S was born as P & J decided to be surprised by their babe and thus didn’t have a name picked out.  I think this is a lovely thing, in this age of ultrasounds and instant gratification…I think I too would want to wait and let nature surprise me….

So here it is a wonderful receiving blanket with a patchwork edge that uses material from the diaper bag I made for P as well as some fun K Fassett fabric and other things I found here.


Can’t wait to meet the little one….must plan a trip down south soon!


One Response to “Welcome Baby S”

  1. deserthomespun July 28, 2009 at 03:14 #

    and we LOVE this blanket – light weight enough to use even now w the hot temps…it does cool off at night so she (and me!) can use it!!!!

    it’s even more lovely in person…can’t wait for you to meet her…

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