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Mallow Cupcake?

27 Jul

This months DB competition was just brilliant. I am working on honing my marshmallow skills and this project left me with lots of practice.

I decided to play with the concepts a little and added some cherry margarita curd to lighten the mood. It was a perfect treat for a friend’s 50th birthday party and the cakes held up well on our 2-hour midsummer Casco Bay boat ride.

Mallow 3

Mallow 4

The recipe yielded 4 dozen treats and as such my “taste tester’s” co-workers also had a chance to sample these delights.

This time I stayed true to the recipe. Following the cookie, marshmallow, and chocolate guidelines to a tee. I did shape the cookies and baked them in mini cupcake pans (next time I think I’ll cut down on the baking powder and baking soda to keep the dough from rising). After baking the cookies I filled them with cherry curd and topped them with a pipe of marshmallow. After everything set up I dipped them in chocolate.. and viola light fluffy, sweet and tart….perfect summer treats.

For more photos see my flickr account and view the army of mallowcakes we had on hand….

The July Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Nicole at Sweet Tooth. She chose Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Cookies and Milan Cookies from pastry chef Gale Gand of the Food Network.

Follow the break for the recipes…

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Welcome Baby S

22 Jul

My dear, dear friends – P & J – welcomed their baby girl into the world on Friday July 17.

She is too cute and looks just like her mum and dad – a perfect blend of a lovely couple. What an adorable family they make.

I have been working on this little gift for a while but couldn’t finish it until S was born as P & J decided to be surprised by their babe and thus didn’t have a name picked out.  I think this is a lovely thing, in this age of ultrasounds and instant gratification…I think I too would want to wait and let nature surprise me….

So here it is a wonderful receiving blanket with a patchwork edge that uses material from the diaper bag I made for P as well as some fun K Fassett fabric and other things I found here.


Can’t wait to meet the little one….must plan a trip down south soon!

sew? what’s new?

17 Jul

I have been on a little sewing frenzy and i thought I’d share with you all my latest creations….

1. Slippers




Aren’t these just the cutest shoes ever?! They were so fun to make that I made two pairs. only problem, they are too small for me and my gal and the gals i was going to give them too….but it didn’t take long for 2 other friends to snap them up.  The pattern is from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross.

2. Long and thin: the tale of a dachsi bag….


My mom’s (and my) dear friend turned 50 this week and his two little ones turned 28 (that’s 7 to us humans). In honor of the special day I made this bag. Too cute, eh? It is based on a pattern from my fav sewing book by Lotta Jansdotter with a few minor edits to suit my needs and the material I had on hand.