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apfel strudel revisited

27 May

I am not a huge strudel fan.

Being German, I think this is a sacrilegious statement. But since I am from up north, I think I can get away with it.

So when this month’s DB challenge was a strudel I was apprehensive and uninspired and when I saw how much work it was going to entail I almost backed out.

But in the end I decided to suck it up and give it a try…

Thinking about the dough and seeing it posted next to the philo in Joy of Cooking an idea was formed.  I would treat strudel dough like I would philo dough and work in layers.

I broke out the pasta maker and got to work…

I made mini apple and cranberry cream cheese strudel. Forming strips of dough adding a little cream cheese filling and topping either with dried cranberry or with a mix of apple, almond, and cinnamon and rolling them up.  They were light and flaky, not too sweet….a great breakfast treat.


With the other half of the dough I made a tart base brushed with a mix of honey, pistachios, butter, and cardamom ala baklava.  After baking I topped it with an orange panna cotta….it was a light and lovely dessert.  I did have a fight with the panna cotta and as such it was a bit “lumpy” but the taste was great.


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20 May

I can finally unveil my latest endeavor into making baby goods.

Both are stunning and well worth the hard work.

A lovely baby blanket



The world’s largest diaper bag ever.



2 May

Need I say more?

I know there is a bacon craze these days.  You can buy bacon in every form from a breakfast slab to bacon salt (not quite sure how it is vegetarian or kosher but the “concept” sounds intriguing) to bacon candles (this site is literally dedicated to bacon from food to jewelry).  There was even a time when you could have a slab a bacon magically appear on your screen, just in case you have a bacon craving in the middle of the day and there is (gasp) no bacon in your lunch.

This is all a bit much, in my humble opinion. But who am I to deny the love of bacon.  In these awful days of swine “flew” is it not time to remember the happier side of the hog.

So I guess it is not so odd that I have had such a great response to bacon cheesecake.

In my last post I didn’t provide recipes….mostly because I was lazy. But now I will share the one for PB Bacon Cheesecake, just for you.

Start with Abby’s Infamous Cheesecake and add some peanut butter, chocolate chips, and candied bacon.  It is that simple.


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