22 Feb

Last year, a dear friend gave me the most wonderful of gifts…a gift card for Sur La Table.

Sur La Table is a culinary wonderland and one of my first store lusts. My very first baking-related job in Seattle was located across from their first store.

My life was a culinary wonderland then. I was young and ambitious working in Pike Place Market surrounded by the sights, sounds, and smells of food from around the world. It is still on my top five favorite jobs ever. I would wake up early, walk from the hill to the Market with a stop at Coffee Messiah for a Mexican mocha.  Working at Le Panier, I had fresh baguettes and croissants everyday and on my lunch break perused the isles at Sur La Table or Market Spice.  In the evenings, after the tourists left, I haggled for fresh produce, fish, and cheeses.

I had no real responsibilities and I was just there to learn.

Eventually, I moved on the my first baking job up the hill at Dilettante’s chocolates. But it was there that I met the friends who would be my rock throughout my time in Seattle.

Now I live on the other side of the country and rarely get coffee that could compare in anyway with what I had in Seattle, though I have found bread love here at Standard.

So I was delighted to peruse the isles of Sur La Table, even if it was digitally. I bought myself a few fun, if somewhat unnecessary, gadgets including a series of cookie cutters…the cutest of which is the little mustang.

Now that the box has arrived, I needed a reason to cut out some cookies and take the mustang on a test drive.  Luckily, this months Martha had a recipe for crisp chocolate hearts.  Distrustful of all Martha recipes I took the basics and created my own cookie.  I felt a mustang needed spice (a little cayenne to give it a kick) and changed the flour to make it a bit more crisply soft. 2-14-09-012


2 Responses to “Presents”

  1. deserthomespun February 24, 2009 at 19:41 #

    love the car! looks tasty too! will you post the recipe?

    i miss the bread from standard…i was just thinking about it the other day, knowing we probably won’t get out there this year. what a bummer!

  2. sky February 26, 2009 at 15:47 #

    aww that looks cute!

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