I heart british cooking

17 Jan

People often ask me for advice on cooking.  Somehow, people think if you can bake…you can cook. But up until recently that wasn’t true for me.

When a cooking question comes up…where do I go for answers most days?…  I turn to the Brits.

Yes, the Brits can cook!

In 2003 I discovered the BBC Good Food Magazine and my life has never been the same.

This magazine has taught a baker to cook.  And I tell you that is no easy feat.  Yes, I can bake anything…I can spin sugar, make and sculpt my own fondant, and whip up the lightest,fluffiest genoise with ease. I know the rules of baking (I revel in them) and once I define the structure I can play with it….enhance it…even perfect it.

What I could never do was cook.  The idea you add a little this and a tad of that…that the rules didn’t matter and were more guidelines than structure just never worked for me.

Then came BBC and after 5 years of learning (one recipe at I time)…low and behold I can cook…and I am pretty damn good at it.  It is no longer daunting… but fun and I can experiment and play and some days even (gulp) make things up.

It has made me a better baker as I learn to throw the rules out (where appropriate) and just improvise.

So, if you follow this blog, you’ll find loads of links to BBC and I recommend you follow them, take a journey across the pond and change the way you cook tonight!


One Response to “I heart british cooking”

  1. deserthomespun January 23, 2009 at 16:54 #

    You introduced me to BBC Good Foods and I am so happy you did! My culinary love of the French has been expanded…to include the Brits! Since I love having “eas” and cooking, this site rocks! Thanks!

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