Out of the Starting Gate

10 Jan

After lusting after so many food and craft blogs, I have decided to add my owns views to the mix.

This blog will chronicle my adventures in baking (cooking), knitting, and sewing.

Who am I…

I am self-taught professional baker;

People have been telling me for years to do one thing….OPEN A BAKERY.  I am working on fulfilling their wish and this blog will, in part, chronicle my adventures into the business of baking.

If you are interested in why people keep saying I should open a bakery… check out the BAKE page above where **SOON** you will find a list of yummy things that can be shipped to your door via my on-line bakery PIECE.

I am the child of a knitting superstar

Who loves to knit the little things. Bring on the hats, scarfs, mittens, baby gear, and critters.

As for the big things…lets just say I have been knitting for over two decades and I have only finished one adult sized sweater…I do however have an impressive collection of half knit projects that chronicle the horrors of knitting fashion

I am a very amateur seamstress

(crafter would be a better word but bake, knit, craft that just doesn’t sound as catchy).

I sew the simple things where mistakes and mishaps can be counted as creative rather than unsightly.  I stick to the realm of curtains, critters, household items, even an apron or two.


One Response to “Out of the Starting Gate”

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